Cloud City: Machu Picchu


Do you believe in magic? If you ever go to Machu Picchu, you just might. This ancient ruin, hidden high in the Andes mountains, was long thought to be nothing more than a legend. But this city, with its sophisticated agriculture and astonishing building techniques, was more than myth. Magical Machi Picchu, and the culture of the people who lived there,  is definitely worth exploring!

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Meet the people of Machu Picchu, who didn’t have the wheel or a written language, yet were able to create one of the most amazing cities the world has ever known. Oh, and they also created peanut butter, so there’s that.

Want to learn more about the people, land, and history of this area? What’s life like for the people who lived here, both now and then? what did they use to keep records, if there wasn’t a written language? How DID they create those massive structures?  Find out here!

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Want to find out even more about Machu Picchu, the Inca, the Andes, Peru, llamas (and their relatives)?  This is the place to check out the books, websites, and other resources we’ve found for you!

Here’s the place to flex your creativity and put together what you’ve learned in this module! How is your world similar to or different from that of the Inca? Would you rather have a llama or an alpaca for a pet?  For games, quizzes, and other fun stuff, this is the section!