Lionfish for Lunch

Lionfish are a problem. They’ve been a problem in the Western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico for at least 40 years. They’re a problem because, as an invasive species with no natural predators and voracious appetites, their population has boomed, and native species have suffered.

Grow Your Own Coral

Keeping a saltwater aquarium is a beautiful and popular hobby. It’s also an expensive one. There’s the cost of the tank, the fish, the equipment, and of course, the coral. Aquarium coral can cost anywhere from $40 for beginner corals, up to $300 for exotic types.

Coral Teamwork

As a rule, coral eat tiny floating animals called zooplankton. It’s a pretty passive way of getting a meal. But there’s a new study that shows that some coral might be more aggressive about their dinner.

Red Handfish

The Red Handfish is an extremely rare reef fish that doesn’t swim around the Tasman Sea (between Australia and New Zealand). Instead, it walks on its distinctively hand-like fins.