Another Plastic Problem

By now, we all know that plastic is bad for the environment. Besides the damage to marine life who mistake it for food, the chemicals that can be released into soil and groundwater (and then move up the food chain), a new study shows that when plastics are exposed to sunlight, they release greenhouse gasses.

Do Coral Love Junk Food?

Plastic in the ocean is a problem. It’s no mystery that fish, seabirds, and turtles all eat it, and often become ill or even die. Coral also eats it, but the mystery is why they do so. For a long time, scientists thought that coral ate anything they could reach, but new studies have found that coral might prefer plastic.

4Ocean Fashion

What’s the biggest obstacle to cleaning up our oceans? It might be the sheer volume of the job. Scientists say that there are 269,000 tons of plastic debris floating on the surfaces of the
world’s oceans.